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Visitor Management

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Visitor Management Module: Optimize your visitor reception 🥂

In today's dynamic business environment, streamlined visitor management is essential to maintaining a secure, organized and welcoming workplace. Our comprehensive visitor management module lets you easily manage visitors, improve employee productivity and project a professional corporate image.

Key features 🔑

Our visitor management module simplifies the entire visitor registration process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for your employees and guests. Key features include:

  • Pre-registration 🔄: Visitors can pre-register their visits, eliminating waiting times and streamlining the check-in process.

  • Self check-in 🪞: Visitors can autonomously check-in and notify their host about their arrival, maximizing the experience of both visitors and receptionists and providing both direct and standard notification channels between the visitors and their hosts.
  • Real-time notifications 🕒: Receive instant alerts when visitors arrive, enabling timely greetings and personalized interactions.

  • Extended compatibility 🌐 : Our module integrates seamlessly with existing reception and access control systems for a unified visitor management experience.

  • Group visits management 👥: Efficiently manage visitor groups, ensuring a coordinated, hassle-free check-in process.


Benefits for your employees and visitors ✨

  • Centralized management 🫀 : Simplify visitor management tasks, reduce administrative burdens and improve overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced experience ✨: Foster a welcoming and professional environment for visitors, leaving a lasting positive impression.

Use cases ☑️

Our visitor management module addresses a wide range of visitor scenarios, including :

  • Group Visits 👥: Efficiently manage large groups of visitors, ensuring a smooth check-in process for all.


  • Job interviews 👔: Streamline the interview process, from planning to confirmation, offering a professional and organized experience.


Additional features 📱

Manage recurring invitations 📆

Plan recurring invitations for regular visitors, which saves time and effort. You can automate the sending of invitations for periodic events, for example.


Flexibility and integration 🪢

Tailor the module to your specific needs and integrate it seamlessly with existing systems, including ProxyClick. Our module can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or integrated into your existing infrastructure for maximum flexibility.



With our Visitor Management module, you can transform your workplace into a welcoming center for visitors, while improving employee productivity and safety. Contact us today to find out more about how our visitor management module can enhance your organization's visitor management experience.

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