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Add an event

Support Team
Support Team
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  • Click on the Events module in the navigation menu on the left of your platform,
  • At the top right of your screen, click New Event.



  • A new window opens:
    • Select the building on which you want to publish the event,
    • Enter a title and location (optional),
    • You can then write your message and, if necessary, add an attachment or a photo by clicking on the icon Capture_d_e_cran_2022-08-03_a__14.45.15.png,
    • Select the time slot of your event,
    • Define the recurrence of your event (if necessary),
    • Customize the possible actions for this event:

      • Event visible only to invited attendees: this option allows you to make the event visible only to certain occupants. Click on the drop-down menu to select the occupants to be notified of the event.

      • Allow users to comment: a Comments field will appear under your post and occupants will then be able to leave notes.

      • Allow the occupants to share their participation in the event: an option to participate will then be offered to the occupants. They will then be able to click on Participate, Maybe, or Not Participating in the event to show their participation in it. For your part, you will have access to the list of responses from your occupants each time you visit your events page.

      • The number of participants is limited: this option is available if the above option is also activated.

        This allows you to limit the number of places available for an event. If you limit the number of seats to 20, then when 20 attendees have clicked the Participate button, registration to attend the event will be closed.

    • Click Publish to finalise the creation of your event.


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