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The Request Center module

Support Witco
Support Witco
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As a manager, the Request Center will allow you to manage all requests declared by your occupants and/or managers following problems encountered at work.

This article describes the main functionalities:


Overall view

When you click on the module, you are redirected to the main view listing all your tickets. They are divided in 5 categories:

  • New mceclip1.pngrequests that haven’t been taken over by a manager
  • Open mceclip2.pngrequests that are being processed
  • Pending Capture_d_e_cran_2022-11-30_a__10.38.44.pngrequests awaiting complementary information
  • Solved Capture_d_e_cran_2022-11-30_a__10.38.50.pngcompleted requests
  • Archived mceclip5.pngcompleted requests which don’t need to be kept

In addition to the status, the overall view displays the main information of a ticket. You can find below some of the information (non-exhaustive):

  • Category: request type (i.e.: plumbing, electricity, etc.)
  • Title: the object entered by the occupant
  • Location: where the problem takes place
  • Created: creation date
  • Priority: priority level of the request
  • Requester: name of the request
  • Assignee: name of the manager in charge of this request


Overall view


View by category and columns














You can decide which main information you would like to display on the overall view. To do so, just click on Columns at the top right.


A pop-up window will appear and will allow you to select the columns you want to display.

You can also choose the display order by dragging the columns using the little grey dots on the left.

Once your choices defined, click on Save to save your changes.



Ticket's content


When you click on a new ticket, you can access all the information related to this ticket and:

  • Assign it (to yourself or to another manager)
  • Modify some information, such as the category of the priority level
  • Reply to this ticket precising the next status (open, pending, paused, solved or archived)

For a more efficient ticket processing, you can leave an internal note so another manager can consult it. 



Request management settings

This section of the module allows you to configure the main information which appear in the module.


Tutorial for your occupants

To ensure a proper understanding of the module by your occupants, you can also find a .PDF user guide attached. Do not hesitate to share it directly through the module “Useful documents” or via email.

If you are interested in the PowerPoint version, please contact your Customer Success Manager.



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