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Space Management

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Space Management: What is it?

The purpose of this module is to offer a simple way to represent buildings. This representation will act as a central hub for all related modules, including reservations, plans, request management, and more.

The ‘Space Management’ module is available only to managers on the web version of the application. Managers can view, add, and modify building components.

The hierarchy is structured as follows:


How does it work?

Simply click on the ‘Buildings’ module and select the building to which you want to add the floors and spaces in question. Once you have selected the building, you can:

  • “Buildings and floors": create one or more buildings and the floors associated with them.


You can also create floors within these buildings:


You will therefore have visibility by building and by floor, as follows:


  • “Space management": add a space: this allows you to link several spaces within a floor. For example, if the finance and marketing departments are on the same floor, you can create the ‘Finance Department’ and ‘Marketing Department’ spaces by allocating them to the 1st floor. You can also enter all the meeting rooms and workstations as resources. 

Objectives of this module

Currently, this module is primarily connected to the Request Centre. When a user creates a request, they must specify the exact location using the drop-down list of locations defined in Space Management.

This module serves as a foundation, streamlining the use of other interconnected modules.

For example, in its current use, it is mainly linked to the Request Centre: when a user creates a request, they must select the precise location from the drop-down list provided by Space Management.

⚠️Space Management x Request Center

Once the spaces have been created, managers can switch to the ‘Request Center’ module to configure it accordingly.

Detailed information on using the Request Center module can be found in this article.

Since the Space Management module aims to create a unified repository within the application, users reporting an incident can only select from the locations defined in Space Management. This ensures accurate identification of the incident location, thereby streamlining incident management.

For example, users can only select from the buildings that have been created:


The same goes for floors, and for “details of location”:


🆕QR Codes

When a manager consults the ‘Space Management’ module, he can see the sources linked to each space. One of the possible sources is the QR Code.

Today, this same QR Code allows users to:

  • Report incidents by scanning directly from their mobile device, or directly from the platform
  • Reserve a meeting room or workstation

For example, if the QR Code is activated for the ‘Request management’ module and the ‘Reservation’ module:

  • The user scans the QR Code
  • They then choose which of these two actions they wish to perform

This QR Code is generated directly on the platform, and all you have to do is scan it.

There are 3 possible ways to scan a QR Code:

  1. From your mobile device
  2. From the ‘Scan’ module in the application, available in the menu or in the shortcut on the homepage.photo7.png
  3. If users are unable to use their camera, they can fill in the QR Code ID below it in the ‘Scan’ module.


This will make incident management more fluid by providing precise choices to be selected in the ‘location’ field.

Occupants will then be able to scan the QR Code (previously included in Space Management), and the location information will be pre-filled (floor, sub-floor, location).

🏢Space Management x Reservation

For all buildings where the Space Management module is activated, the link between this module and the ‘Reservation’ module is automatically made.

⭐ A space can be linked to only one resource, and vice versa.

When a manager consults the ‘Space Management’ module, they can see the resources linked to each space, including 'Reservations'.

Since the purpose of this module is to provide a simple representation of buildings, all resources newly created or previously existing in the ‘Reservations’ module will automatically appear in ‘Space Management’.

Thus, once a resource is created, the 'building', 'floor', and 'sources' fields are populated.

As soon as these resources are created in the ‘Reservations’ module, they are instantly reflected in the ‘Space Management’ module.

→ Here, the resource is created with the building and floor information, based on the settings in Space Management.


→Then you can find these resources directly in ‘space management’ in Space Management, with all the information brought up:


⇒ Witco Support: Réservations

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