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2022 Retrospective

Support Team
Support Team
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2022 was a year of tremendous growth for us here at Witco. Join us on a trip down memory lane to rediscover what we accomplished in 2022.

More than 35 new partnerships

  • Connected mobility: Arval, B2ebike,Izix by BePark,ParkHere, Wever
  • Gym:The Corporate Gym, Fitness Corporate Gym, MMsport, Conquer Your Day
  • Catering: SoHappy by Sodexo, Foodles, Frichti, Totem, Fricots, Pop and Pay
  • Concierge: Circles, Iskills, Zen&Bien,Sezaam, Shopify
  • Occupation sensors:Ubigreen, WX Solution
  • Space management: O365 Rooms et Users, Condeco, Merge, Teams
  • Badges: Lenel, Salto KS, Sofia Lock, WelcomeR

13 new features

some of them:

  • Redesign of the Incidents module (front and back), setting up API connections with CMMS
  • Attendance: Declaration of the presence of the employees, global or team vision
  • My Day: Centralization of the working day in a single module
  • Kiosk: Geolocation on the interactive map

More than 50 features improvements

  • Overall design: Renaming of service modules, adding new languages, currency values and time zones
  • Help Center: Redesign with manager and occupant access
  • Invoicing: Online credit purchases, manual invoice creation and dashboard
  • Bookings: New design, anonymization of profiles, new filters


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