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News December 2022

Support Team
Support Team
  • Updated

We have upgraded the Attendance module and you can now : 

  • View the presence of your colleagues (totality, search bar, 'favorite' colleagues, by team ...)
  • Access to flex office management rules (days worked, limitation of declaration in the past/future, maximum capacity, blocking of on-site visits, customization of statuses and icons ...)
  • If you have access to several buildings: the list now displays the building on which I have declared my presence

Other improvements on the existing modules : 


  • Improvement of the default zoom : opening the map and changing the building
  • Improvement of the slot filter : default selection of the "now" slot
  • Upgrade for the new Android V13 version



  • Slot filter is kept between the "map" and "list" view
  • Fix on the capacity filter
  • Fix on the floor filter
  • When creating a resource, an image is added on the map of the resource on mobile


Integration upgrade for the new Android V1 version

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