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Summer 2022 releases

Support Team
Support Team
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Here you will find the new features and improvements that went live on August 12, 2022. We hope you appreciate the hard work of our teams!

New Features

Attendance Module to support your hybrid work management

The manager can configure all HR policies regarding office presence per user. A manager can:

  • Define the number of days on site for an occupant
  • Choose the specific days of presence on site of an occupant

An occupant can have visibility on his flex office policy.


Kiosk V1

To benefit from this feature, you must activate the mapping module. If you have large screens in the office, you can display your map there. Employees or guests will be able to view the floor plan and quickly identify an available work area

For V2, which will be released at the end of September, the user will be able to zoom in and out of the screen if the screen is touch-sensitive.




To learn more and get a demo of these features, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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