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Occupant unable to use available credit: What should I check ?

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Support Team
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  • The occupant cannot use the inventory on the Marketplace
  • The occupant cannot use the inventory on the Reservation module


Occupant is unable to use the inventory on the Marketplace

  1. Check that the outstanding amount is included in the authorized payment methods on the item

    • Get on the tab Marketplace

    • Click on the icon Capture_d_e_cran_2022-08-26_a__09.50.05.pngof the service on which you wish to verify that the stock is offered
    • Go to step 4
    • Make sure that the checkbox "The service or product/service can be paid with the company's outstanding balance" in the Available payment methods section is activated.

  2. Check the amount of the company's outstanding debt

    • Go to the tab Company

    • Click on the company of the occupant who cannot use the WIP

      Verify that the company has the right amount of outstanding to purchase in the outstanding Amount section.

  3. Verify that the occupant has the right to use his or her company's stock

    • Go to the tab Occupant

    • Find the occupant that can't open the outstanding of his Company

    • In the tab Right check that The user can use his company's outstanding balance is checked.

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