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Update Reservation module: QR code

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Support Witco
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QR code check-in V2: automatically cancel bookings when check-in is not done (free resources only)

  • When check-in is required for a resource, manager will see a new sub-setting in the resource creation form: “Automatically cancel booking if not checked in”
  • This is only available for free resources, as we are not able to manage properly the refunds in case resource is paid.



  • When the check-in is not done in time by the booking owner or one of the participants, the booking status will be "Cancelled (not checked-in)”.


Reminder the check-in time is:


  • For a booking in the future: from 15 min before the start of the booking → until 15 min after the start of the booking

  • For a booking that has been done with a start time already in the past: from the creation date → until 15 after the start of the booking


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