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Add, edit and organise my available resources (presentation)

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Support Witco
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From the Booking module home page, you can easily View resources and Manage your occupants' reservations. You can also browse the available spaces, which are sorted by type to make your navigation easier.

Key Features:

  • Offer equipment for hire,
  • Set up payable resources,
  • Simply offer your additional services (breakfast, coffee, external services, etc.).


This feature is not available on the mobile interface.

  • Adding (or editing) an item is divided into 6 separate steps. Each time you press the Next button, the information you have just entered in the step is saved.
  • At any time, you can click Save draft to save your changes and return later to your service/product to finalise its configuration, and then make it available to the occupants. 


You can also Add a resource in 6 steps:

  • Step 1: Add or edit a resource 
  • Step 2: Set or edit the resource availability ranges 
  • Step 3: Configure or edit the price, free, or the quoted price of a resource 
  • Step 4: Add or edit additional services 
  • Step 5: Set up the payment for the resource 
  • Step 6: Validation and publication of the resource

To follow the 6 steps of adding a resource, this article will help you.

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