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Add an available resource

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The addition of a resource is divided into 6 distinct steps.

Each time you press the Next button, the information you just entered in the step is saved.

At any time, you can click Save draft to save your changes and return later to your service/product to finalise its configuration, and then make it available to the occupants. 

You can Add a resource in 6 steps:

Step 1: Add or edit a resource 



Step 1 consists of filling in the main information and options concerning your resource:


  1. The building to which the resource belongs,
  2. The type of resource (meeting room, auditorium, equipment, etc.),
  3. The name of the resource,
  4. A manager in charge of this resource,
  5. Setting up a validation step for each booking by a manager,
  6. The possibility (or not) for the occupants to send you a message when they book the resource,



      7. The floor where the resource is located (if floors have been configured during the creation of                  the building by Witco),

      8. The number of seats available (for sitting and standing),

      9. The booking timeslots of the resource. 


Example: If you set 1 hour, your occupants will only be able to book in 1-hour timeslots. Do not fill in the field if you want the occupants to be completely free.


      10. Limiting advance bookings allows you to prevent your occupants from booking too far in                        advance

      11. Set the minimum booking duration for the resource. 


Example: If you set 1 hour, your occupants will have to reserve the resource for at least 1 hour. They will also be able to book 1h15 or 1h30 if no time slot has been entered.


      12. Set the maximum booking duration for the resource.


Example: If you set 2 hours, your occupants will be able to reserve the resource for a maximum of 2 hours.


       13. Resource description,

       14. The photo of the resource,

       15. The services included automatically with each reservation (different from the additional                           services like breakfast etc) configurable during step 4,

       16. An optional note to the occupants (to ask them to leave the room clean when leaving it, for                     example).


Step 2: Set or edit the resource availability ranges 


Regular opening days and hours

You can:

  1. Set the same availability slot for every day by clicking on the appropriate option,
  2. For each day of the week, define whether or not the resource is available by ticking/unticking the day concerned,
  3. Define 2 different availability ranges for the same day by clicking on the button found at the right side of the second set time
  4. By using the Padlock on the day of booking, the occupants are obliged to book the full slot. 

Exceptional days and hours of closing

You can :

  1. Add an exceptional closing day by clicking on the appropriate button,
  2. Make this exceptional closing day recur each year or not by ticking/unticking the Recurrence option,
  3. Delete an exceptional closing day by clicking on the icon   found at the right side of a set day.


Time to prepare the resource

This option allows you to set an unavailability time for a resource between 2 reservations. This gives you the option to prepare or arrange the resource before the start of the next booking.

Recurring booking

This option allows you to give occupants the possibility of booking this resource recurrently (every day, every week, every month and so on).


Step 3: Configure or edit the price, free or quoted price of a resource


This option is only available if the resource is not subject to validation by a manager.
If you ticked this option in step 1, the resource will have tobe free.
If you want to make the resource payable, click the Back button to go to step 1 and untick the option.This resource must be validated by the manager.
In order to make the resource payable and set its price, simply click on Payable Resource.

Paid, free or price quoted resource

You can :

  1. Tick if your resource is payable or as per a quote. Don't tick anything if it's free.

If you have ticked Payable:


  1. Enter a product code and/or a label if you use this type of information for your billing,
  2. Enter the price of the resource before tax and, if necessary, set several price types (hourly, daily or weekly). If you want to enter more than one price type, click the button   found at the right side of the duration selector, and enter the new price line. The platform will automatically apply the right price according to the slot chosen by an occupant (price per day if the occupant decides to book the resource all day),
  3. Enter the VAT to be applied to the price of this resource.


Step 4: Add or edit additional services 


This step allows you to enter additional payable products or services, available when an occupant makes a reservation request (breakfast for 20 people, microphone for a presentation, etc).

Add an extra service

Click on Add an additional service to be able to configure your first service, then enter:

  1. The name of the additional service,
  2. The category of this additional service (catering, equipment, other, and so on),
  3. The Price:
  • If the purchase of the additional service does not require the completion of a quote, you can enter the price as well as the total quantity available. The total price of the additional services selected by an occupant is added to the price of the reservation at the time of payment,
  • If the purchase of the service requires the completion of the quote, tick the appropriate option.

      4. Define whether a manager should be notified when an occupant decides to use this                            additional  service (notify the Catering provider if the occupant wishes to order a breakfast for              their meeting for example),

      5. The description of the service, if necessary,

      6. The photo of the service, if any.

Last ::

  • To delete a service, click on the icon Capture_d_e_cran_2022-08-09_a__17.33.32.png found at the top right of the service record, next to the category selector,
  • To add another service, click the Add another service button.


Step 5: Set up the resource payment 


Methods of payment available

You can define whether bookings for this resource can be paid directly on the platform (1) or not (2):

  1. Define the accepted payment methods to pay for a reservation directly on the platform:
  • To enable or disable a payment method, tick or untick it,
  • Credit card payment is only possible if Payzen or Stripe integration is enabled for your building,
  • Payment options by Credits or Account balance are available only if the Business module is active for your building,

      2. Define the location outside the platform where bookings are to be paid for, and by what                          means using the Description field.


You can also change the terms and conditions applied to the resources. Be careful however: the terms and conditions are applied to all Marketplace resources and services. You cannot set a specific term or condition per resource.

Refund Policy.
Enter your refund policy by completing the available fields.

Several cases of reimbursement:

  • The user has paid by credit card – he is reimbursed in credits or on the balance of his account
  • The user has paid in credits – he is refunded in credits (no validity end date and valid only on the same resource)
  • The user has paid by his account balance – he is refunded on the account if the outstanding amounts are not already invoiced, otherwise he will be refunded in credits


Step 6: Validation and publication of the resource


This step allows you to manage the visibility of resources based on several parameters:

  • If the Business module is active for your building, you can choose to make the resource only visible for businesses OR for certain businesses:
  • If the Business module is not enabled for your building, you can choose to make the resource visible to all occupants (the first option to tick) OR only to managers (if you tick the option This resource is not visible to occupants).
  • If the Landing page is enabled for your building, you can choose to make the resource visible on it. To do this tick May be visible on the home page.

Once you have completed this step, you can either:

  • Click Save Draft: Your resource will then register as a draft and will not be visible to the occupants. Click on the icon blobid0.png found above the resource photo and then on Edit, then go back to step 5 and click Finish to publish your resource and make it available for booking.
  • Click on Finish: your resource will then be automatically published and available for booking.




To learn how to Edit a resource from your Reservations area, you can follow this guide.

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